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Proceso de selección de los participantes españoles del European Blues Challenge 2018 que tendrá lugar en Hell (Noruega) el 16 y 17 de Marzo de 2018.

Plazos de inscripción hasta el 8 de octubre de 2017.

Abierto a las formaciones musicales de nacionalidad española cuyos miembros residan en España con un mínimo del 50% de los integrantes que sean españoles.

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Blues Behind The Scenes Awards
EBU General Aassembly (only for active members)
Blues Market
Blues Expo

Horsens, Denmark, 6 - 7 – 8 April 2017





The town of Horsens and the local blues association, Blueskartellet, will host the most distinguished blues event of 2017 in Europe, the European Blues Challenge, originally established by the European Blues Union in 2011. Horsens has become the cultural power centre in Denmark during the past 15 years with blues having been a relevant part of it. Horsens has many years of experience in organizing big events and international concerts making the organizers more than capable to create a successful, relaxing and friendly blues atmosphere.

The main EBC event will be held at Forum Horsens.

The Blues Market and the General Assembly will take place in a unique historical setting at the former prison, FAEngslet.


Faengslet Building View


Various other music and cultural events will be enjoyed at Kubben in the main pedestrian street of Horsens.

Horsens itself is full of experiences and surprises - even indoors. The museums are filled with stories, old and new, powerful and touching. Dive into the last centuries’ technological breakthroughs at Denmark’s Industrial Museum. Immerse yourself in the modern art, which is on display at Horsens Art Museum. Experience Horsens at its very beginning about 800 years ago at Horsens Museum, or go on a stunning journey through time - and crime - at FÆNGSLET, the former state prison. Horsens has a colorful history. Museums, beautiful nature and landscape, delightful restaurants and wellness resources are all to be found in this well communicated town.

Nearest airports are Billund and Aalborg which have bus and train connections to downtown Horsens.

More information at:


By plane:

Copenhagen / Kastrup airport
Direct train connections from Kastrup Airport via Copenhagen.
Aarhus / Tirstrup airport
Bus line 925X from the airport to Aarhus, change to train connecting to Horsens (c. 30 minutes).

Billund airport
Bus lines 43 and 143 from the airport to Vejle, change to train connecting to Horsens (c. 30 minutes).

By train: Direct connections from Copenhagen, Malmö (Sweden) and Hamburg (Germany).

By car: From Germany: Follow the E45 direction Aarhus/Aalborg. Choose exit 57 (Horsens S), 56 (Horsens V) or 55 (Horsens N).

From Norway or Sweden by ferry to Hirtshals or Frederikshavn: Follow the E39/E45 direction Aalborg/Aarhus/Kolding. Choose exit 55 (Horsens N), 56 (Horsens V) or 57 (Horsens S).

For detailed transport information, please check:


Hotel Danica
Ove Jensens Alle 28
8700 Horsens
Phone: +45 75 61 6022

Hotel Opus
Egebjergvej 1
8700 Horsens
Phone +45 76 25 7200

Scandic Hotel
Schüttesbvej, 6
+45 75 62 2333

Jorgensens Hotel
Søndergade 17
8700 Horsens
Phone: +45 75 62 1600

Teater Hotellet
Søndergade 22
8700 Horsens
Phone: +45 76278500

Horsens Map with different locations


Thursday 6 April, 20:00
Location : Horsens Ny Teater
Doors open at 19:00
Teatertorvet 1
Phone: +45 75 60 2444

Note : This opening night showcase is locally organized, therefore EBU members wanting to attend need to buy tickets costing 160 Dkr (about 20,80 euros). There is also a meal option (Blues Platte), starting at 17:45 and costing 150 DKr (about 19,50 €)
Note 1 Dkr = 0,13 euros


Horsens NY Teater

Friday and Saturday, 7-8 April, showtime at 20:00 SHARP
Location : Forum Horsens

Doors open 19:30
Langmarksvej 53
Phone: +45 76 29 2323
M/C Jesper Bjarnesen

Forum Horsens

EBU GENERAL ASSEMBLY (GA) Only for active members)
Saturday, 8 April
10:00 – 13:30
The registration starts at 9:00 – Please be there IN TIME to facilitate smooth and timely running of the GA.
Location : FÆNGSLET / Gym
Fussingsvej 8
Phone: +45 76 10 0011

Friday, April 7
13:30 – 16:30
Saturday, 8 April
14:30 – 16:30
Location : FÆNGSLET / Carpentry

Note : The Blues Market is held in conjunction with a Record Fair and a Beer Exhibition, so you should NOT miss these events!

The Blues Market is an exclusively tailored, unique and free opportunity for all EBU Members to present their activities in an informal setting, to meet, interact and communicate with other blues professionals, artists, media and enthusiasts from all over Europe, not to mention the expected overseas blues professionals.
We are expecting lots of blues friends attending the EBC as well as the Blues Market. This year there is the extra bonus of the locally organized Record Fair and Beer Exhibition at the very same premises, which will certainly mean flocks of people. So why not grasp this opportunity to present and advertise your professional blues portfolio to possibly the largest gathering of European blues enthusiasts in 2017.
We are expecting more than 50 exhibitors to be present. Be one of them. Remember, it’s all free for you, Active Member of the EBU.
This year we will install a "Tecla Sala - Blues Donation Box" in which exhibitors/members/visitors can drop blues material to be donated for the Tecla Sala Library in Barcelona.

It is in our plans to organize the 6th European Blues Expo exhibition during the three days of the EBC. However, it is still in a planning phase but we’ll keep you updated when we have more news.
Location : Forum Horsens
Langmarksvej 53


Thursday, 6 April

18:00 -
Location : Horsens Ny Teater
Informal dinner (Blues Platte), costing 150 DKr, followed by the Danish Blues Showcase, costing 160 DKr.
17:45  Doors open for dinner guests

19:00  Doors open for the remaining audience
20:00  Big O & The Blue Quarters
21:00  The Blues Overdrive
22:00  Thorbjørn Risager & The Black Tornado
23:00  Bluesjam

Tickets available at:

Friday, 7 April

12:30 - 13:30
Installation of the Blues Market stands by EBU members having requested a table
Location : FÆNGSLET / Carpentry
Fussingsvej 8
Phone: +45 76 10 0011

13:30 – 16:30
The Blues Market, Record Fair and Beer Exhibition

EBC 1st night playing order – Please be there on time:

19:45  Welcome       Peter Sørensen, Mayor of Horsens

20:00  Netherlands       Detonics
20:25  Germany            Chris Kramer & Beatbox ‘n’ Blues
20:50  France                Gaelle Buswel Band
21:15  Denmark            The Cornfeds
21:40  Slovakia             Slovak Blues Project
22:05  Poland                Hot Tamales Trio
22:30  Portugal             Messias And The Hot Tones
22:55  Romania           
Southernman Robbie
23:20  Austria               The Blues Infusion
23:45  Hungary             Borsodi Blues Collective
00:10  Italy                    Bayou Moonshiners

01:00 - …
After party at KulissseLageret Club, Teatertorvet

Saturday, 8 April

14:30 - 16:30
The Blues Market, Record Fair and Beer Exhibition
Location : FÆNGSLET / Carpentery

16:30 - 17:30
Dismantling of the Blues Market stands

EBC 2nd night playing order – Please be there on time:

20:00  Switzerland        Pascal Geiser Band
20:25  Luxemburg         Kid Colling
20:50  Croatia                Rolin Humes
21:15  Sweden               Headline Blues Band
21:40  U.K.                      Kaz Hawkins Band
22:05  Norway               Daniel Eriksen
22:30  Finland                Honey B. Family
22:55  Estonia                Rene Paul Blues Band
23:20  Spain                   Los Mambo Jambo
23:45  Belgium              The BluesBones

00:15  Announcement of the Blues Behind the Scenes Award winners

00:30  Announcement of the winners followed by the Winners on stage + jam…

Prize awards to the Winners - The awards include performing at the following confirmed festivals:      

·         Hondarribia Blues Festival, Spain
Blues Peer, Belgium, July
Notodden Blues Festival, Norway, August
Swing Wespelaar, Belgium, August
Blues in Hell, Norway, September
Blues Heaven Festival, Denmark, November
Lucerne Blues Festival, Switzerland, November

We are still expecting some more confirmations. Moreover, the prize includes a half-day recording session at the Juke Joint Studio in Notodden during their festival dates.


Please visit





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¡¡Felicidades a los Mambo Jambo, ganadores del concurso-selección para representar a España en el VII European Blues Challenge que se celebrará del 6 al 8 de abril de 2017 en Horsens (Dinamarca)!!

Los Mambo Jambo es la banda instrumental creadora del ‘Sonido Jambofónico’, una mezcla de rhythm&blues, rock&roll y swing interpretada bajo una perspectiva contemporánea. Desde 2009 no han parado de girar por Europa, México, Brasil, etc. A día de hoy, tienen publicados tres álbumes, un recopilatorio y cuatro 7’’.

Dani Nel-lo: Saxo tenor/barítono
Dani Baraldés: Guitarra
Ivan Kovacevic: Contrabajo
Anton Jarl: Batería



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Horsens (Denmark) 6-8 April 2017

The town of Horsens and the local blues association, Blueskartellet, will host the most distinguished blues event of 2017 in Europe, the European Blues Challenge, originally established by the European Blues Union in 2011. Horsens has become the cultural power centre in Denmark during the past 15 years with blues having been a big part of it. Horsens has many years of experience in organizing big events and international concerts making them more than capable to create a friendly and relaxing blues atmosphere. The main EBC event will be held at Forum Horsens, whereas the Blues Market and the General Assembly will take place at FAEnglet in a unique historical setting. Moreover, you will be able to enjoy various music shows at Kubben in the middle of the main street of Horsens. Museums, beautiful natural surrounding landscape, delightful restaurants and wellness resources are all to be found in this well communicated town. Nearest airports are Aalborg and Billund, and there’s train connection directly to downtown Horsens. More information at and






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Firstly, on 11 to 12 April, 2014, Riga will become a place for "European Blues Challenge” competition which is rather an important event on European scale. Secondly, on 31 July, the president of European Blues Union Thomas Ruf arrived to Riga for one day, he also organizes the competition. Ruf is also the manager of one of the biggest European blues music record labels "Ruf Records”. Clearly, our conversation went on about (and around) the good new-old blues!

Tom Ruf- Foto by Kaspar Garda

"European Blues Challenge” will be held in Riga, in 2014. How did you reached the idea of organizing the event in Latvia?

2014 is a great year for Riga, many cultural events will take place in there focused towards Europe. We have found good promotion partners in Riga, they will help "European Blues Challenge” to happen the best possible way.

You are the president of European Blues Union. What is your daily work routine?

I call myself the main European Blues Union mule who pulls all the weight himself. It's a voluntary work, bringing the good work to community.

So, you're the best candidate who could tell more about "European Blues Challenge”!

We started three years ago with the idea to support European blues artists and new talents. Currently, American artists dominate in this genre, so we try to promote Europeans. For instance, Latvian blues band might find it hard to organize a gig in France, Norway or France, but for Americans it's pretty easy. We try to take down the borders in people's minds in order to make the music market broader.

The strongest argument must be that the origin of blues is in America.

Tom Ruf- Foto by Kaspar Garda

It is the strongest argument - only American blues can be considered authentic. At the same time we want to tell people that European blues is a new form of blues, no less important. We don't have to hide as it was some second class.

How deep is the stereotype that black blues musicians are better than the white ones? We are not speaking about racism, but the attitude itself towards blues genre.

(Hiding under his shirt.) It had to end a long ago! In 1970ies, Muddy Waters turned his head when he was asked about the same issue. White musicians also played in his band. Muddy Waters supported "The Rolling Stones”. This stereotype should be striked out from people's minds.

Tom Ruf- Foto by Kaspar Garda

No doubt, it will happen some day. In the end, blues music is when a good man feels sadness.

Yes, that is blues. Everyone may experience hard times. It's emotions.

Let's continue about "European Blues Challenge”.

So, it will be the fourth event in Riga. First two were held in Berlin, Germany, the third one in France, now it's time for Latvia. We have 20 member countries, every member organizes the national competition, and the winner goes to "European Blues Challenge”. Those are great 20 bands from 20 countries.

The concept looks similar to „Eurovision” song contest. Maybe you should call it "Bluesovision”?

"Bluesovision”! What a name!!

Normunds Kalniņš, the chairman of the board of Latvian Blues Society Support (also a member of EBU) and organizer of Sigulda Blues Fest, joins the conversation. Besides, the affinity might be that "European Blues Challenge” will be webcasted online. And in this case, we are talking about show business, not only musical skills.

T.R. We have four criterions when judging the bands: vocal talent, instrumental talent, ability to represent themselves on a stage and originality. The latter mostly is related to musical material if the band performs only covers or has their own pieces. So, we decide if those songs are good, if every piece is composed by one pattern, if musicians are able to vary within their style.

Normunds Kalnins & Tom Ruf- Foto by Kaspar Garda

What are the musical borders that are defined at the competition? Do musicians cover blues rock, blues folk, blues-something?

Blues rock, blues jazz, pretty much everything they like. But music has to be based on blues roots.

What about blues dubstep?

Blues dubstep! Everyone is invited to create something new, that would be original.

Actually, I have heard blues dubstep, it was classic piano blues with a rumbling, roaring electronica basics. Such kind of experiments are allowed at "European Blues Challenge”, or you prefer so called "live” bands?

We had one French band, they played together with DJ mixing hiphop and blues. The band is called "Scarecrow”. They performed with guitars, drums, vocals, vinyl player or turntable... Everything is possible.

It's a nice message to new talents, blues is not only for old people!

Yes, exactly. Blues is not only for old people or slow dance. It's a whole genre with lots of vitality, energy and experiments.
I think blues is very popular in various generations and social groups because emotions dominate. It's not about the fact that you play your guitar fast enough or can perform a complicated song. It's emotions on the stage that matters.

How did you came down to blues and decided to start "Ruf Records”?

I don't think I chose blues. It chose me. It happens that way. As a teenager, I worked some social work, we organized gigs with a youth club. One of the first musicians I met was a bluesman from Chicago, Luther Allison. I left my hometown and went on a tour with them. I learned a lot, and that's how I got into music business.

Can you consider blues record lable a real business? Can you make money from it?

We started in 1994 with the records of Luther Allison. I continued to work with American and British artists. We have only few European musicians. In that form it works out.

Still, you follow the same stereotypes you named before!

I don't deny it. The record label works around the world, so it's hard to offer European musicians in a world market. But I managed to do that. For instance, Ana Popovic, a girl from Serbia who broke out in USA. I also work with Finnish and Austrian girls, but it's realy hard from a business perspective.

As a record label, you release CDs/vinyl or prefer the digital way?

Both. We sign a contract with the artist, produce the music and then sell it any possible form.

Which records are sold the best?

The digital side continues to grow, but our main listeners are middle-aged people who prefer a physical record format. They are record collectors. Digital record sales are only 20 percent. 10 percent are record sales at the concert venues, but the rest is CDs and vinyl at the music retailers.

It has come in fashion to record in vinyls, but it's often just a form without a content. Digital records are released in vinyl, therefore the idea of vinyl saving better quality of some analogue record dissapears. What studios do you use for your artists?

I personally prefer vinyl, but sometimes we are not able to use analogue master copies. Still, analogue records are being made, and there are studios where you can do that.

Tom Ruf- Foto by Kaspar Garda

We have our local rockabilly king Pits Andersons, he just recorded his album in the analogue studio, in Berlin, and will release a vinyl single. It seems that analogue records suit rockabilly genre the most.

I definitely want to know which studio he used. Maybe I can take it for my artists. If it is good for rockabilly, maybe it would suit for blues!

We will find that out and send the name to you. Who is the blues king at your company?

It's hard to name one. Because someone might get offended. But there is a band who uses the king's crown in their image with reason. I am together with them on a tour and I only came to Riga for one day in order to see the places we could organize "European Blues Challenge”. The band is called "Royal Southern Brotherhood” where literally royal blues family members have united. One family is "The Allman Brothers” and the other is "The Neville Brothers” from Georgia and New Orleans, Louisiana respectively. Gregg Allman's son Devon Allman and the youngest Neville's brother Cyril Neville are in this band.

It's realy royal!

Yes, a real royal court of blues and rock'n'roll!

You work with such legendary musicians as "Canned Heat”.

Yes, I work with them for many years. Fito de la Parra is totally crazy and he still is an absolute boogie music spirit.
"Canned Heat” will celebrate its 50th anniversary next year. Fito told: "I will not advertise! What is it? 50 years on a boogie stage? It makes me old!”
It's wonderful that younger folks still listen to those old men. It means that blues has a future.

N.K. We noticed many young listeners at Sigulda Blues Fest, as well. It made us think of new promoting options.

By the way, which is the most popular German blues band?

T.R. To be honest, I can't really talk about German blues bands, because I know more about Finnish or even Latvian artists. For instance, you have the great "Latvian Blues Band”. The most recognized German band might be "B.B. and the Blues Shacks”. They are on European tour right now and are doing very well. I can't tell who will represent Germany at "European Blues Challenge”, because our national contest will be held in October.

Does European Blues Union continues to grow, new members are joining?

Yes, it continues to grow, I am glad about that, no doubt. But it still has no Estonian or Lithuanian representatives!

N.K. We have started negotiations with Estonians, I think, they might join soon. In such small countries, blues is mainly concentrated in one or few people's hands. So it depends on them. If they wish to create their blues foundation in order to join EBU.

Thomas, can you name the leading blues country in Europe? Germany? Great Britain?

Great Britain is definitely one of the leaders if not the first one. They had the blues boom in the 1960ies. "American Folk Blues Festival” was quite popular in Germany during the 1960ies, it was American musicians' union who toured in Europe. Scandinavia also has a great blues history. Now it's time for Latvia!



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Biblioteca Tecla Sala (Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona)

Entre el 19 de septiembre y 31 de octubre 2013 tendrá lugar la primera European Blues Expo en la Biblioteca Tecla Sala de Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona). Tecla Sala, que es la sede oficial del fondo documental de la European Blues Union así como de la Sociedad de Blues de Barcelona, ofrecerá esta exposición para ilustrar las actividades organizadas por la European Blues Union. Los artistas que han cedido sus fotografías para tal fin son Pertti Nurmi (Finlandia), Alain Hiot (Francia), Sylvie Bosc (Francia), Fred Delforge (Francia), Roser I. Valls (España), SKAttomaTTO (Italia) y Charlie Hussey (Irlanda). Todo el material audiovisual que se expondrá está cedido por Bad Music Blues TV que han grabado las tres ediciones del European Blues Challenge y han realizado diversos programas especiales al respecto. La Biblioteca Tecla Sala cuenta con el apoyo logístico del Ayuntamiento de Hospitalet de Llobregat, y se espera la presencia de su alcaldesa, la Sra. Núria Marín, para asistir a los actos de inauguración de la European Blues Expo el 19 de septiembre a las 19.00 h, así como miembros de la European Blues Union. El acto estará amenizado con la actuación de Cotton Roots (Johnny Pérez, guitarra, voz y Little Jordi armónica).

Fondo de Blues / Blues Documentos Unión Europea
Director: Sr. Pedro Bravo
Avda. Josep Tarradellas, 44. 08901 LHospitalet de Llobregat. Barcelona (España)
Tel.: 00.03.4932602484 

Alain Hiot (França)
Sylvie Bosc (França)
Pertti Nurmi (Finlàndia)
Roser I.Valls (Espanya)
Charlie Hussey (Irlanda)
Fred Delforge (França)
SKAttomaTTO (Itàlia)
Bad Music Blues

La EUROPEAN BLUES UNION (EBU) es una alianza de profesionales de Blues de toda Europa que han decidido unir sus esfuerzos en la promoción de esta música formando una red europea. Para ello, la EBU organiza el concurso europeo de Blues -el European Blues Challenge- y el Blues Market donde todos los miembros asociados pueden compartir contenidos y encontrar fórmulas de cooperación. En la actualidad hay 27 países que constituyen la EBU: Austria, Bélgica, Bulgaria, Croacia, República Checa, Dinamarca, Finlandia, Francia, Alemania, Grecia, Hungría, Irlanda, Italia, Letonia, Luxemburgo, Holanda, Noruega, Polonia, Portugal, Rumania, Rusia, Eslovaquia, Eslovenia, España, Suecia, Suiza y Reino Unido. Toda la información sobre la EBU en
(Texto. Montserrat Pratdesaba)

Tecla Sala Public Library (Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona - Spain)

Between September 19 and October 31, 2013 will take place the first European Blues Expo at Tecla Sala Library in Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona). Tecla Sala Library is the official home of the European Blues Union Archives and has a Blues Documentary Fund, promoted by Barcelona Blues Society. The exhibition aim is to illustrate the activities organized by the European Blues Union such as the European Blues Challenge and the Blues Market. Artists who have given their photographs for this event are Pertti Nurmi (Finland), Alain Hiot (France), Sylvie Bosc (France), Fred Delforge (France), Roser I. Valls (Spain), SKAttomaTTO (Italia) and Charlie Hussey (Ireland)- All the audiovisual material that will be shown comes from Bad Music Blues TV who have recorded the three editions of the European Blues Challenge and have made special TV programs and radio shows about them. Tecla Sala Library has the logistical support of the Municipality of Hospitalet de Llobregat, and the Mayor, Ms. Núria Marín is expected to attend the opening event of the European Blues Expo in September 19 at 19.00. together with some members of the European Bues Union Board. Sme live blues music will be provided by Cotton Roots (Johnny Pérez, guitar, vocals and Little Jordi, harmonica).
Everybody is invited to come to the opening event and visit it!
(Text by Montserrat Pratdesaba)

Fondo de Blues / Blues Documentos Unión Europea
AvDA. Josep Tarradellas, 44.
08901 L’Hospitalet de Llobregat. Barcelona (Spain)
Tel.: 00.03.4932602484 

Alain Hiot (França)
Sylvie Bosc (França)
Pertti Nurmi (Finlàndia)
Roser I.Valls (Espanya)
Charlie Hussey (Irlanda)
Fred Delforge (França)
SKAttomaTTO (Itàlia)
Bad Music Blues

The European Blues Union is a non-profit organisation which gathers professional and blues lovers around Europe who have joined forces to promote blues creating an European blues net. Among other promotional actions. the EBU organizes the annual European Blues Challenge or Blues Market where all members can share experiences, contacts or stablish cooperation links. The EBU has now 27 associated countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland an United Kingdom. All related information at
(Texto. Montserrat Pratdesaba)

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2016 European Blues Challenge, GA, Blues Market, Blues Expo & BBS Awards (Torrita di Siena)

2015 European Blues Challenge, GA, Blues Market, Blues Exo & BBS Awards (Brussels)

2014 European Blues Challenge, GA & Blues Market (Riga)

2013 European Blues Challenge, GA & Blues Market (Toulouse)


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Estatutos de la European Blues Union
(Resumen realizado por Big Mama según información de Jorden Wouters)

Gracias a la iniciativa de una serie de personas implicadas en el blues en diferentes países de Europa, surgió la idea de la creación de la European Blues Union, una asociación sin ánimo de lucro cuya finalidad es la promoción del blues a nivel europeo. A continuación se incluye un resumen de los estatutos de la asociación. Mas información en la web de la EBU

- Conveniencia de establecer un marco legal que dote de entidad y rigor a la EBU.

- Naturaleza de la EBU: ser una asociación sin ánimo de lucro que promueva el Blues europeo en todo el mundo, en particular en Europa, cooperando entre festivales, promotoras, entidades, discográficas, artistas, medios  especializados, expertos en la materia,  impulsando la difusión del Blues a todos los niveles, apoyando proyectos educativos para las escuelas, intercambiando ideas o experiencias, consiguiendo el soporte de las autoridades, creando premios o eventos relacionados con el blues, captando nuevos miembros en la EBU, etc

- Miembros. Pueden ser de tres tipos: Activos, Asociados y Honorarios.

MIEMBROS ACTIVOS: Tendrán derecho a voto en la Asamblea General y suscribirán los estatutos. Pagarán una cuota anual que se fijará en la Asamblea General y que no podrá superar los 500 euros, según fija la ley belga. Podrán acceder a ser miembro activo las asociaciones registradas, las empresas legalmente constituidas o los individuos que tengan algo que ver con el Blues & Roots. Si un miembro activo no paga la cuota en el término de un año dejará de serlo. Los votos serán de 1 miembro = 1 voto.

MIEMBROS ASOCIADOS: No tendrán derecho a voto en la Asamblea General pero podrán asistir como oyentes. Pagarán una cuota anual inferior a la de los miembros activos que se fijará en la Asamblea General. Al igual que los miembros activos, serán afiliados a la EBU y podrán acceder y beneficiarse de las actividades de la EBU así como tener un espacio propio en la web, con blog individual para difundir su obra y/o actividad profesional.

MIEMBROS HONORÍFICOS: Serán designados por la EBU y no pagarán ninguna cuota. No tendrán derecho a voto en la Asamblea General y podrán asistir como oyentes. Podrán beneficiarse de las ventajas de ser de la EBU cómo si estuvieran afiliados.

- Requisitos para ser MIEMBRO ACTIVO.

a) Ser músico de blues (Blues & Roots) en el propio país o en el extranjero.

b) Ser organizador de un festival, promotor de conciertos, representante artístico, realizar un programa de radio y/o de televisión, una web, revista en papel o en soporte digital cuya actividad se base en el blues (Blues & Roots)

c) Ser aficionado al blues (Blues & Roots) y estar bien informado del ambiente musical de esta música en su propio país, o disponer de materiales o información sobre músicos, compositores, locales, radios, festivales, etc., de blues (Blues & Roots) en el propio país.

- Obligaciones administrativas de la EBU.

a) Disponer de un número fiscal (V.A.T.) en Bélgica

b) Llevar una contabilidad.

c) Dar cuenta anual en la Asamblea General del "financial rapport", detallando los ingresos y los gastos.

d) Pagar los impuestos pertinentes en Bélgica.

- Organigrama.

a) La Asamblea General de la EBU se celebrará una vez al año, pero se podrá convocar a petición del 20% de los miembros activos.

b) Se elegirán: Presidente/a, Tesorero/a y Secretario/a General de la EBU mediante votación en la Asamblea General anual.

c) Los elegidos como Presidente/a, Tesorero/a y Secretario/a General de la EBU podrán delegar poderes ejecutivos a un "board" o equipo de miembros activos también consensuados en la Asamblea General.

- Los Estatutos de la EBU se aprobaron en la Asamblea General Constitutiva que se celebró en Berlín entre los días 18 y 19 de marzo de 2011.

* * * * * * * * * *

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