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Programa 61. Junio 2016: John McKinley "Window On The World". Red House "Red House & Friends". Sista Jean & CB "Requiem For A Heavyweight A Tribute To Odetta". RB Stone "Some Call It Freedom (Some Call It The Blues)". Connie Lush Band "Renaissance". King Louie & LaRhonda Steele "Rock Me Baby".

Programa 60. Abril 2016: The Reverend Shawn Amos "The Reverend Shawn Amos Loves You". Andy Cohen "Road Be Kind". Les Copeland "To Be In Your Company". Angels Sing The Blues "Angels Sing The Blues". Tommy McCoy "25 Years Retrospect". Jack Bon Slum Combo "Colors Of Blues".

Programa 59. Febrero 2016: Chris O'Leary "Gonna Die Tryin'". Shemekia Copeland "Outskirts Of Love". Andy Poxom "Must Be Crazy!". Deb Callahan "Sweet Soul". Al Basile "B's Expression". Tommy Castro "Method To My Madness"

Programa 58. Febrero 2016: Ellis Hooks "Needle In A Haystack". Ole Frimer Band "Live At Blues Baltica". The Whiskey Brothers " Bottle Up And Go". Nice As Pie "A Body Of Work". Sonny Terry "His Best 21 Songs"

Programa 57. Mayo 2015: Markus James "Head For The Hills". Lisa Mills: "I'm Changing". Los Penúltimos "Pequeñas Victorias". Roly Platt "Inside Out". Linsey Alexander: "Come Back Baby". Mississippi Heat: "Warning Shot".

Programa 56. Marzo 2015: Arsen Shomakhov "Dynamic". Louisiana Red "The Sky Is Crying". Etta Britt "Etta Does Delbert". Kaye Bohler "Handle The Curves". Berdon Kirksaether & The Twang Bar Kings "Latenighters Under A Full Moon". J.P. Soars "Full Moon Night In Memphis".

Programa 55. Marzo 2015: Southpaw Steel ‘n’ Twang “Hele’s Pleasure Railway”, The Alexis P Suter Band “Love The Way You Roll”, Mr. Homeless "Olvidados", Ken Tucker, Jordan Patterson Band "The Back On Track Recording Project", Linsey Alexander "Come Back Baby"

Programa 35. Enero 2014: Blas Picon & The Junk Express: "Askin' Out Loud". Hamilton Loomis: "Give It Back". Lee Palmer: "One Take, Live At Canterbury". Mark "Bird" Stafford: "Live At The Delta". Ed Maly: "Whiskey & Mt Gun". Little G. Weevil: "Moving".

Programa 34. Enero 2014: Tommy Keys: Devils Den". Triblus: "Vamos Tarde". Tony O: "Life Of Blues". Mark 'Pocket' Goldberg: "Off The Wire". Oli Brown: "Songs From The Road". Dana Fuchs: "Bliss Avenue".

Programa 33. Enero 2014: The Former Members: “The Former Members”. Predicador Ramirez: “Una Agradable Sensacion”. Gabriel Delta: “Brothers”. Roomful Of Blues: “45 Live”. Richard Ray Farrell: “Caleta Rock”. Smiling Jack Smith & Antonio Toledo: “At Cambaya Club”.

Programa 32. Enero 2014: Tommy Keys. “Devils Den”. Triblus: “Vamos Tarde”. Tony O: “Life Of Blues”. Mark ‘Pocket’ Goldberg: “Off The Wire”. Oli Brown: “Songs From The Road”. Dana Fuchs: “Bliss Avenue”

Programa 31. Octubre 2013: The Mike Eldred Trio: “Elvis Unleaded”. Atomic Road Kings: “Atomic Road Kings”. Andy Poxon: “Tomorrow”. John Primer & Bob Corritore: “Rockin’ Around These Blues”. Ron Dziubla’s: “Nasty Habit”. Jimmy “Duck” Holmes: “All Night Long”.

Programa 30. Diciembre 2013: Con Davide Panozzo & Loud Stuff: “Born Electric”. John Putnam: “The Way I See It”. Joe Mystery: “Wicket Town”. RB Stone: “Loosen Up!”. Lance Lopez: “Handmade Music”. Roy Roberts: “Anthology Of Soul & Blues”.

Programa 29. Enero 2014: Con Tommy Keys: “Devil’s Den”. Triblus: “Vamos Tarde”. Tony O: “Life Of Blues”. Mark ‘Pocket’ Goldberg: “Off The Wire”. Oli Brown: “Songs From The Road”. Dana Fuchs: “Bliss Avenue”,

Programa 2
8. Diciembre 2013: Con Federal Charm: “Federal Charm”. Blues ‘N’ Trouble: “Try Anything Twice”. Johnny Big Stone & the Blues Workers: “Jumpin’ & Dodgin’”. Barrelhouse Chuck & Kim Wilson’s Blues All Stars: “Driftin’ From Town To Town”. Erwin Helfer: “Erwin Helfer Way”. Joe C. Jones: “Until The End”.

Programa 27. Noviembre 2013: Con Pam Taylor Band: “Hot Mess”. Eric Hughes Band: “Drink Up”. Fossen & Struijk Band: “Clubbing”. Robbie Hill & The Blue 62’s: “Price To Pay”. Planetary Blues Band: “Once Upon A Time In The South Loop”. The Proof: “The Proof”

Programa 26. Noviembre 2013: Con Alex Altamirano & The Purple Band: “The Temptation OF The Blues Com
e". Aaaron on Blues. "She's Rock & Roll". Kat & Co: ") Kat The Blues". Delirium Blues Fussion: "Essentia". Frank Bang & The Secret Stash: "Double Dare. Alan Wilson: "The Blind Owl" 2 cds.

Programa 25. Noviembre 2013:
Con Joice Walton: “Texas Heat”. Homemade Jamz Blues Band: “Mississippi Hill Country”. Franco Paletta & The Stingers: “I Like It Just Like That”. Swingadelic: “Toussaintville”. Guy Davis: “Juba Dance”. The Duke Robillard Band: “Independently Blue”.

Programa 24. Noviembre 2013: Con
Gabriel Gratzer: ·El Blues Lleva Tiempo”. The Hound Kings: “Unleashed”. Paul Filipowicz: “Saints & Sinners”. Tail Dragger: “Stop Lyin’”. The Blind Lemons: “Join The Party”. Joice Walton: “Downsville Girl”.

Programa 23. Noviembre 2013: Con Pat Thomas: “Beefsteak Blues”. Hans Theessink: “Wishing Well”. Steve Freund: “Come On In This House”. Roger Zuraw: “Whose Blues Is It Anyway?”. Sterling Koch: “Let It Slide”. Pillac: “Nervous Breakdown”.

Programa 22. Octubre 2013: Con Scott McCord & The Bonafide Truth: “Scott Mc Cord & The Bonafide Truth”. Gina Sicilia: “It Wasn’t Real”. Austin Young: “Blue As Can Be”. Albany Down: “Not Over Yet”. Janet Ryan: “Mama Soul”. The Breeze Kings: “Can’t Stay Home”.

Programa 21. Octubre 2013:
Con Carla Olson: “Have Harmony, Will Travel”. Ronnie Earl And The Broadcasters: “Just For Today”. Ben Poole: “Lets Go Upstairs”. Henrik Freischlader: “House In The Woods”. Matt Baxter & Jake Sampson: "Haunted". Small Blues Trap: The Longer Road I Know"

Programa 20. Julio 2013
: Con Phil Brown: “Cruel Inventions”. Phil Brown: “(The Jimi Project)”. Phil Brown: “Live In Seattle”. Phil Brown: “Imagine This”. Big Mama Montse & The Taller de Musics All Stars: “25 th. Anniversary”..

Programa 19. Julio 2013: Con Bottleneck John: “All Around Man”. Alastair Greene: “Through The Rain”. LeRoy. CG & The Hammer: “Something Good / The Memphis Sessions”. Jay Willie Blues Band: “New York Minute”. Bullfrog: “Electric Blues Experience”. Frank Bey With The Anthony Paule Band: “You Don’t Know Nothing”.

Programa 18. Julio 2013:
Con JJ.Grey & Mofro. “This River”. Little Mike & The Tornadoes. “Forgive Me”. Chris Antonik: “Better For You”. La Teoria del Taburete: “Nit De Blues Al Mo Es Bar”. Billy Jones Bluez.: “I’m A Bluesman”, Emanuele Fizzotii: “Manny’s Blues”.

Programa 17
. Junio 2013: Con Dan Treanor’s Afrosippi Band featuring Erica Brown: “Tangled Road”, 4Jacks: “Deal With It”, Kevin Breit: “Field Recording”, Robert ‘Top’ Thomas: “The Town Crier”, John Pippus Band: “Now At The Moon”, James Montgomery Band: “From Detroit To The Delta”.

Programa 16. Mayo 2013: Con Devon Allman: “Turqoise”. Erja Lyytinen: “Forbidden Fruit”. Robin Trower: “Roots & Branches”. Mighty Mojos: “Hook Line And Sinker”. The French Blues Explosion: “French Blues Explosion”. Professor Porkchop & The Dishes: “U R My Everything”.

Programa 15 Junio 2013: Con Gary “US” Bonds: “Christmas Is On!”. Chuck Leavell: “Back To The Woods”. Jesse Dee: “On My Mind/In My Heart”. Kevin Selfe: “Long Walk Home”. Andy T-Nick Nixon Band: “Drink Drank Drunk”. Travelling Brothers Big Band: “Christmas Special”.

Programa 14. Mayo 2013: Con The Forty Nighters: “One In Five Million”. Matty Powell: “Kiss The City”. Buddy Guy; “Live At Legends”. Finn: “Bomb The World (With Kindness)”.. Dukesy & The Hazzards: “Ain’t Coming Back To You”. Bart Walker: “Waiting On Daylight”.

Programa 13 Abril 2013: Con Tas Cru: “Tired Of Bluesmen Crying”. Corey Lueck & The Smoky Wagon B.B.: “It Ain’t Easy”. Dennis Gruenling: “Rockin’ All Day”. Doug Deming & The Jewel Tones: “What’s Gonna Take”. Mike Wheeler: Self Made Man”. Willie Bug: “Call Phone Man”.

Programa 12. Mayo 2013. Con Michael Powers: “Revolutionay Boogie”. Ike Turner: “Trouble Up The Road”. Lino Muoio: “Mandolin Blues”. Wax & Boogie: “Lost In A Dream”. John Németh: “Soul Live”. John Németh: “Blues Live”.

Programa 11. Mayo 2013: Con Boogie Patrol: “I Try And I Try And I Don’t Know”. Tomislav Goluban: “Med Bregi”. Catfish Keith: “A True Friend Is Hard To Find”. Jason Vivone & The Billy Bats: “Lather Rinse Repeat”. Jake Lear: “Diamonds And Stones”. King Bee: “Po’ Boys”.

Programa 10. Febrero 2013: Con Marion James: “Northside Soul”. BB & The Blues Shacks: “Come Along”. Michael “Iron Man” Burks: “Show of Strenght”. Chris O’Leary Band: “Waiting For The Phone To Ring”. Clayon Doley: “Desperate Times”. Blue On Black: “Robert Johnson’s Door”.

Programa 9. Abril 2013: Con The Blind Dead McJones Band. “Last Resort Mexico”. Blues & Decker: “Stralin’ The Blues”. The Almost Three: “Big Muff”. The No Refund Band: “The No Refund Band”. Elmore James Jr.: “Old School Lover”. Omar & The Howlers. “Too Much Is Not Enough”.

Programa 8. Marzo 2013: Con Sugar Blue: “Raw Sugar”. Rob Tognoni: “Art”. Mighty Sam McClain: “Too Much” Jesus”. Dave Fields: “Detonation”. Rex Marshall: “House of Mercy”. Hans Theessink & Terry Evans: “Delta Time”. Cathy Ponton King: “The Crux”. Dorothy Moore: “Blues Heart”. Harpdog Brown: “…Naturally”. Vance Kelly: “Tell Mw Why”. Omar & the Howlers: “I’m Gone”.

Programa 7. Febrero 2013: Con Zac Harmon: “Music Is Medicine”. The Kingmixers: “Riding With Mr. Blues”. Big Walker. “Root Walking”. Ed Maly: Attitude Of Gratitude”. Mike Mettalia & Midnight Shift: “Midnight Suin”. Dennis Jones: “My Kinda Blues”. The Blues Broads: “The Blues Broads”. Smokin’ Joe Kubeck & Bnois King: “Close To The Bone”. Jr. Johnny: “The Unraveller”. Mississippi Heat: Delta Bound”. Willie “Big Eyes” Smith & Roger Wilson”: Live Blues Protected Buy Smith & Wilson”. Adrián Jiménez: “Rocking Blues”.

Programa 6. Abril 2013. Con: Lawrence Lebo “The Best Of Don’t Call Me Her Larry: Blues Mix”. Angel Rissoff: “Nu Soul Stories: Life, Love, And Tall Tales”. Otis Grand: “Blues ‘65”. Shirley Jackson & Her Good Rockin’ Daddies: “When The Money’s All Gone”. James Buddy Rogers: “My Guitar’s My Only Friend”. Mitch Woods. “Blues Beyond Borders: Live in Istanbul”.

Programa 5. Febrero 2013: Con The Blasters: “Fun On Saturday Night”. Johnny Mastro & Mama’s Boys: “Luke’s Dream”. Dick Farrelli & Mark Walklate: “Keep It Cleaqn”. John Primer: “Blues On Solid Ground”. Milton Hopkins & Jewel Brown: “Milton Hopkins & Jewel Brown”. Suzie Vinnick: “Live At The Bluesville”.

Programa 4. Febrero 2013

Programa 3. Con Skynny Molly: “Haywire Riot”. The Bob Cats: “25 Years of Rock and Roll”. Arthur Adams. “Feet Back In The Door”. Michael Bram: “Suitcase in the Hall”. Ann Rabson & Bob Margolin: “Not Alone”.

Programa 2. Febrero 2013

Programa 1. Mayo 2007. Con Phil Kellogg: “Gravity Can Bring You Down”. Blues de Bellota: “Blues de Bellota”. Dale Watson: “Live At Newland.Nl/Remixed”. Bossa Nova Beatniks: “Got Them Rayguns”. Timo Gross: “Down To The Delta”. Various Artists: “30th. Anniversary Collection”.

Programa 003. Mayo 2012: Con Chris Murphy: "Hotwired". Earnest Guitar Roy: Going Down To Claksdale". Matt Walsh Acoustic Quartet: "A Part Of Me". Thorbjorn Risager: "Dust & Scratches". Amy Hart: "Congratulations". Blas Picón & The Junk Express: "Blas Picon & The Junk Express"

Programa 002. Abril 2012: Con Burton Winn: "First Light". Jumpin' Jack Benny: "I'll Be Alright". Liam Tarpey: "Warm Up My Bones". Sharon Lewis: "The Real Deal". Toronzo Canon. "Leaving Mood". Boca Chica: "Get Out Of Sin City".

Programa 001. Abril 2012.
Con Lightnin' Guy featuring Guy Forsyth: "The Banana Peel Sessions". Bottoms Up Blues Gang. Alligator Nail: "Gerizon". The Steel Wheels: "Live at the Goose Creek". Chick Willis: "Let the blues steak for itself". Hans Theessink: "Hederman Remixed"


Programa 32: Dedicado al cantante y pianista Professor Longhair

Programa 31: Dedicado al cantante y armonicista Paul Butterfield

Programa 30: Dedicado a la cantante Candye Kane

Programa 29: Dedicado al cantante y saxofonista Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson

Programa 28: Dedicado al cantante y pianista Roosevelt Sykes

Programa 27: Dedicado al cantante y guitarrista Hubert Sumlin

Programa 26: Dedicado al cantante y guitarrista Robert Johnson

Programa 25: Dedicado al cantante y armonicista William Clarke

Programa 24: Dedicado al cantante y acordeonicista Clifton Chenier

Programa 23: Dedicado al cantante y guitarrista Big Daddy Kinsey

Programa 22: Dedicado al cantante y guitarrista Reverend Gary Davis

Programa 21: Dedicado al cantante y armonicista George "Harmonica" Smith

Programa 20: Dedicado a Tampa Red

Programa 19: Dedicado a Roy Buchanan

Programa 18: Dedicado al cantante y pianista Joe Liggins

Programa 17: Dedicado a la cantante y pianista Katie Webster

Programa 16: Dedicado al saxofonista A.C. Reed

Programa 15: Dedicado a la cantante Bessie Smith

Programa 14: Dedicado al cantante y armonicista Carey Bell

Programa 13: Dedicado al cantante y guitarrista Son Seals

Programa 12: Dedicado a Amos Miburn

Programa 11: Dedicado a Mike Bloomfield

Programa 10: Dedicado a Sunnyland Slim

Programa 9: Dedicado a Sean Costello

Programa 8;
Dedicado al guitarrista y cantante Jimmy Rogers

Programa 7:
Dedicado a la cantante y armonicista "Big Mama" Thornton

Programa 6: Dedicado al cantante y guitarrista Luther Allison

Programa 5: Dedicado al pianista Champion Jack Dupree

Programa 4: Dedicado al armonicista "Big" Walter Horton

Programa 3: Crónica del Festival de Blues de Cáceres 2013

Programa 2: Dedicado al cantante y guitarrista J.B. Lenoir

Programa 1: Dedicado al cantante y guitarrista Jimmy Johnson





















































































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